Myrtle Williams from Toccoa, Georgia
Ladies day out to Babyland General Hospital

Myrtle loves her stuffed animal "ducky" and always has him with her. She is very attached to ducky and her other babies. When they are sick the nurses have to take care of them and get them back well.  We asked Myrtle what she would like to do for the day and she of course  said she would love to go see some babies. So we decided to take Myrtle and a few of the other ladies at PruittHealth Toccoa to Babyland General for the day. The ladies absolutly loved it! We got to take a tour of the facility and see several collector cabbage patch dolls. We also got to see a cabbage patch baby being born. Myrtle got to pick the name. She decided to name him Clark Gable. Each of the ladies got to pick out a doll to bring home with them. They each got to name their baby and give it a birthday. We also got to enjoy lunch at Chick-fil-a on the way back home. The ladies loved that as well since some of them had not had lunch outside of the nursing center in quite sometime. We all had a great day, staff included and can't wait till our next adventure!

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  • Toccoa, Georgia