Nancy Lou from Roswell, GA
Dance Party

Nancy Lou
Nancy Lou loves ball room dancing and would love to experience this again.  I have contacted Arthur Murray dance studio and they have a dance partner for Nancy Lou.  She would like to bring her friend, Nancy, to attend with her.  We would like to end the day with dinner at her favorite restaurant!  Nancy Lou’s parents taught her how to dance before she could walk!  She has learned dozens of dances from the 1940’s when ‘Swing” was the thing.  Her dream was to be the “Belle of the Ball” and dance with a professional dance partner.  Her dream came true on Tuesday October 28th.  Ms. Martin (from the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Alpharetta) found the perfect partner for Nancy Lou.  Mr. Lewis presented Nancy Lou with a wrist corsage and asked her to dance the afternoon away with him.  She stated that it was the “Best day of her life!” She was beautiful on the dance floor and knew every step.  Mr. Lewis (the teacher) learned a few things from her that day!   Thank you so much to the following fabulous folks who made Nancy Lou’s dream spectacular! 
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  • Roswell, GA