Nancy from Roswell, GA
Nancy's Secret Garden

It has been a tough year for Nancy. She recently moved from our Assisted Living Community to our Memory Care Community (Heartland Village). She has adjusted and is very happy in her smaller community however; she misses the flowers that she would grow outside her window.  She adores gardening and misses it very much. In 1985, Nancy was awarded the Landscaping Award by the community of the lake cottages for the most beautiful yard in the Valley. Her passion is to plant flowers and tenderly care for them.

Nancy’s dream is to have the small garden bed in the courtyard of Heartland Village.  She would like to see it redone with her favorite bright colors.  She has her favorite chair near the overgrown ground wishing that she could still do the work herself.  If she were able, I am certain it would be a masterpiece!


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  • Roswell, GA