Norman Albrecht from La Mesa, CA
Home Sweet Home

Norman is a kind and caring man who loves his house. When he moved into our community, he purposely moved here so that he could be close to his house just in case there might come a time when he would get to go back. He knows that living there is no longer an option for him, but he continues to own the house, renting it out to a couple of "lovely ladies", because to him, that's "Home Sweet Home". From time to time, his family will call and tell him how well the house has been kept up. He talks to the staff about the rose bushes in the front yard and how nice they looked and smelled. He's quite nostalgic really. So, we decided to surprise him with a visit to his house. We loaded him on the bus with a group of other residents for a nice "scenic ride". Little did he know that HIS house was going to be part of the scenery. While on the trip Norman talked about how close we were getting to his house and how much he loved living there. Then, it happened. We pulled up right in front of his house. He cried happy tears as he took in the view. He even enjoyed seeing the roses, as they have been perfectly kept for all this time. Although he did not want to take any pictures, or even get off the bus to smell the roses, he was so absolutely ecstatic about being able to see his "Home Sweet Home". 

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  • La Mesa, CA