Oma Meeker from Evans, Georgia
There's No Place Like Home

Oma Meeker

On March 4th, 2017, PruittHealth Hospice Augusta and HomeFirst Augusta, had the pleasure of cleaning and lighting not only Mrs. Oma Meeker's, heart, but her yard as well.  We were able to go in and clean her yard up by cutting down limbs, shrubs, as well as planting a garden with fresh flowers and mulch.  This was a large project that took up about 30 feet of curbside 5 feet tall.  We had over 20 employees as well as volunteers from Lakeside High School and Good Samaritan Services, (Bobby Teminak).  Not only were we able to clean the yard up for safety and ability to stay at home, we were able to replace her front door and lighting throughout yard and home with safety motion lights and yard lights for walking ease. Our actions truly were out of LOVE and gave Mrs. Meeker the ability to stay at her home now going on 93 years young.  We, with the C2C project, were truly able to give her the, "There's No Place Like Home" treatment and Mrs. Meeker is tickled pink.

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  • Evans, Georgia