Randall from Rome, Georgia
One Last Anniversary Trip

I married my wife when I was younger. We were so much in love. But, a lot of things happened, and we got a divorce. Looking back, I can see that a lot of it was me. I didn’t treat her right.

Later on in life, I got sick. It was then that I saw my wife, and she decided to give me a second chance and we got married again. I have many regrets about my first marriage, and I want to express to my wife how much I love her.

Problem is, I have cancer. I’m still able to get up and around, but I can’t eat anything. I survive on Ensure. So, when we go out to eat, I can only drink.

When our anniversary came around this year, I wanted to do something special for my wife. One last trip to the mountains. There’s a place in Townsend, Tennessee that we used to go to. Very romantic. Cabins are warm and comfortable, and there’s a horse farm there.

When the Social Worker told me about the project hospice was doing, and that we could be included in it, I was so happy!

We went with my brother and his wife and had a great time.

Thank you for fulfilling my wish, so I could show my wife how much I love her…

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  • Rome, Georgia