Pat from Lima, OH
Pat's Big Give

Pat has spent her whole life giving everything that she has to others. Her daughter remembers calling Pat once to borrow a coffee pot, but when she came to pick it up there was not only the pot but also filters, coffee, spoons, creamer, cups, and napkins. She is known in our community for always having suckers, cookies or some other type of treat in her walker basket, and giving SOMETHING to everyone she passes. It gives her great joy to give to others and see the smiles that result in a gesture of kindness. For Pat's Second Wind Dream, she wants to give bigger than she ever has before. We are raising donations of small candy bars, snack cakes and other goodies to put into treat bags for Pat to pass out during her "Big Give." She will spend an entire day visiting our local hospitals, day care centers and grocery stores, passing out her goodie bags and a smile to everyone that she meets.

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  • Lima, OH