Pauline Coppage from Hendersonville, TN
Best Friends Together Again!

Pauline Coppage

Pauline Coppage (Polly) and Liz Dorris have been best friends for over 70 years.  Recently, we contacted Liz's daughter and told her that we would love to get Polly and Liz together again.  So, on May 14, Liz's son drove her to Hendersonville, Tennessee to our Elmcroft building to have lunch with Polly.  They came from Coeburn, Virginia.  Both ladies were so excited!  When they saw each other again, they just hugged and hugged.  Liz had brought in numerous old photos of the two ladies when they were young, and they just laughed and laughed.  All the old tales were brought up again of their wild adventures together.  They talked about the snake in the corn crib, doing each other's hair, and double dating.  It was so much fun to see these ladies having so much fun!  

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  • Hendersonville, TN