Lois from Paynesville, MN
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Lois was a teacher in the Anoka school system for 28 years. She taught in the Elementary school. Teaching was her passion and she was very good at it. In fact she was nominated for teacher of the year in Minnesota. So we contacted the local Elementary school and there was a teacher that has been there 40 years and is planning to retire after this year so got her involved and she was more than happy to have Lois join the classroom. Mark Dingman the manager or Radiology at the facility and also a school board member volunteered to go with Lois. They spent about 1 hour with the class and they were working on a Mothers Day gift. Lois and Mark helped a little girl put her project together. Then they reminisced about the old days. When Lois was done and left the classroom the little girl came up and gave her a big hug which was such a precious moment.

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  • Paynesville, MN