Deanna from Paynesville, MN
Deanna's Dream of Baking

Deanna Riffe has always had a love for baking pies for her husband and family. Deanna’s favorite pies that she enjoyed making included apple and lemon meringue. On November 21st and 22nd we made her dream come true of making pies for her family. Lynn Lange volunteered to help Deanna make her two favorite pies. On November 22nd Deanna and her husband, John, enjoyed a private Thanksgiving dinner together, and ending their meal with the pies Deanna made. Later in the evening Deanna’s family came to visit and the pies were shared by all. The ingredients for the pies were donated from the kitchen at PAHCS. Deanna was definitely excited and really enjoyed making pies again for her husband and family.
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  • Paynesville, MN