Lena from Paynesville, MN
Fishing Trip

Lena has always been an avid fisherwoman. Lena and her husband spent countless hours on the lakes fishing. Lena states she always caught more fish than he did and was always proud of that. On July 15th Lena’s son and daughter in law volunteered to take her out fishing again. They had a friend that donated the use of their pontoon to use and went out on Long Lake. It was a very hot Sunday morning but that did not stop them. They had a great time. Lena said they caught about 9 fish but they were all small and so they threw them back and because they did not want to clean them. They finished the trip with a drive around the country and lunch. Lena's daughter in law is the administrator at the facility and she did all the work lining up the details.
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  • Paynesville, MN