George from Paynesville, MN
George's Dream

Before George Fuchs’ wife died in Feb 2011 he spent all his time dedicated to being with her at the Koronis Manor. He would stay late until she went to bed and then would go to A & W to eat supper. George’s only request was to be able to be with his wife again. On September 25th we set up a day surrounding him with the things he loves. Michelle Loch, NA/R at Koronis Manor volunteered to take George on the outing and Bob Mullholand drove the bus. They started by going to eat at A & W and his meal was donated to him by H & L Express and A & W. The went driving around and looking at the crops including his home farm by Lake Henry where he got to see his old machinery and the family dog. And he ended his day with some quality time in the cemetery with his wife.
  • Location
  • Paynesville, MN