Nolene from Paynesville, MN
Twins Game

When Nolene Stanger was asked about her dream she instantly said she wanted to go to a Twins game. After being asked she told everyone in sight that she was going to the Twins game and it became all she could talk about. On September 30th we made her dream come true. Robin Hufstedler and Nancy Young nursing assistance from Koronis Manor volunteered to take Nolene to the game. DuDonne Andre donated the cost of the tickets for the three to go. Tim Lane and Judy Wander donated for the cost of the transportation, treats for the game and a Twins tee shirt to wear for the game. Although it was a little early they put a birthday wish on the megatron for her as she will turn 97 on Oct 23rd. It was a beautiful day for a baseball game.
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  • Paynesville, MN