Peg from Hudson, OH
Special Guest: Mrs. Claus!


Peg absolutely loves children.  She used to be a teacher, and we wanted to do a dream for her where she could interact with them.  We decided to host a children's Christmas party for the staff's children where they could visit with Mr. & Mrs. Claus!  A costume was made by staff members for Peg to be Mrs. Clause and a Santa Claus costume was rented for our other resident involved-Dr. Farmer.  Peg really looked like Mrs. Claus in her specially made apron, red robe and Mrs.Claus wig and bonnet.  Mr.& Mrs. Claus were sitting in front of a full sized painted cardboard fireplace with stockings and a Christmas tree.  Mr. & Mrs. Claus visited with the children and photos were taken of them with the little visitors.  Peg lit up when she saw the children, and it was wonderful to see her getting to enjoy holding them in her lap.  In the picture included, she tenderly stroked this little girl's cheek saying "You're so pretty!".  It meant so much for her to get to be with the children who each a wonderful time too! Refreshments of punch & cookies were provided, and candy canes were given to Santa and Mrs. Claus to give to the children. They also gave them Christmas coloring books to enjoy.  The pictures of the children were sent to their families in Christmas cards, and Peg and Dr. Farmer's families were also sent copies of the pictures. 

  • Location
  • Hudson, OH