Flora from Haverhill, MA
Festival of Trees


When Flora was told that her dream of visiting the Festival of Trees in Methuen was going to come true, her eyes sparkled even more brightly than any of the more than 200 trees there. This annual event is in its’ seventeenth years. The proceeds from this event help preserve the heritage and monuments that make Methuen and other Merrimack Valley communities so unique.

 Flora was accompanied by three of her friends who also reside at Penacook Place. Transportation to the even was donated by Trinity Ambulance and was made more festive by singing carols. Warm cups of cocoa and freshly baked ginger cookies provided by Penacook’s dining services made the trip even more enjoyable.

 Flora and her friends were able to select their favorite trees to put their raffle ticket chances on. Although no of the quartet won a tree, there were each presented with a photo album of their favorite trees.

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  • Haverhill, MA