Phyllis from Hudson, OH
A Very Special Birthday


We wanted to do a dream for Phyllis, and her daughter helped to think of something that would mean a lot to her.  Phyllis has great-grandchildren and loves to spend time with them.  Her 93rd birthday was coming up and it was decided that a birthday pizza party with her family would be really special.  She really likes pizza, and a wonderful cake was brought in by her family.  Party decorations and a beautiful flower arrangement helped make the event festive. Many members of her family were able to come including her two great-grandsons.  Her smile beamed throughout the evening.  Mary and Mary from the SWD team helped set-up, decorate, and serve, and took some fantastic pictures.  An 8x10 photo of everyone in the family was framed and given to Phyllis so she could always remember that day. She has been talking about the party fondly ever since.

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  • Hudson, OH