Phyllis from Mansfield, OH
All My Family

Phyllis had turned in the special dream of being together with all her children and grandchild at one time. This was going to be a tricky dream, as several live in Ohio, while the remainder live in North Carolina! We notified the family of Phyllis's dream and they pulled the whole thing together! Turns out one of her granddaughters had a wedding coming up, so all the Ohio family arranged to travel to the wedding and make sure Phyllis got there also! The Ohio family members gathered Phyllis up and drove her to the island in North Carolina. They stayed for 3 days, and then drove back up to Mansfield, Ohio. The family members provided all the food, lodging, transportation, wedding finery, and photographs a proud grandma could want! This is a dream we could have never fulfilled without family being involved, and it was great to see them all adjust their schedules when they realized Phyllis had this special dream!
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  • Mansfield, OH