Chris Dailey from Canadaiqua, NY
A Trip Above The Falls

Chris Dailey

After living at Quail Summit for over 8 years, Chris Dailey was never able to come up with a Second Wind Dream for herself. That all changed after taking a bustour to Niagara Falls. She suddenly knew what her Dream would be after viewing a billboard advertising a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls. She commented that she had seen the natural beauty of the falls from every angle possible..."except from the air."

With a blue sky overhead, Chris, her great nephew Matthew, and Dreamweaver Amy set out for Niagara Falls. After driving 2 hours, Chris arrived at Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours where the staff was extra courteous as they knew they were making her dream come true. Within 10 minutes, Chris and her great nephew were off in a helicopter flying above Niagara Falls. The staff commented that she happened to come on the best day they've seen for viewing the falls in over 3 months. The helicopter driver even gave the dreamers 5 extra minutes on their tour. After exiting the helicopter, it was plain to see Chris and Matt had a wonderful time.

Before the drive home, we stopped to eat at The Como. Chris was able to meet her daughter in law that she had not seen in years. It was a great reunion. Following lunch, we returned home where Chris was anxious to share her story with her friends at Quail Summit.

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  • Canadaiqua, NY