Julian Harter from Canadaiqua, NY
Syracuse Orange

Julian Harter

Julian Harter, a resident at Quail Summit Senior Living Community in Canandaigua has a passion for Syracuse Men's Basketball.  Julian saw his favorite team in action for the first time in his life at 87 years old.

Julian had never been to a bigger sporting event than a small local community college game.  "To go to a game where it seats so many people would be exciting.  I've never been in a stadium that makes you feel like you're a part of something larger than yourself.  To go to an SU game, a team tha tmeans so much would be thrilling."

Julian saw Syracuse play Rutgers University on Saturday, February 19 with his two sons, and three grandsons.  The game was a close one, but Syracuse won in overtime.  "It was a real nail-biter."  The stadium boasted the second highest attendance for the 2010-2011 season, with 29,000 people cheering on the Orangemen.  He described the experience as a fun trip...that was just mind-boggling."

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