Rachel H. Smith from Jonesboro, GA
Best Friends for Life

Rachel H. Smith

This dream was discovered by using one of the wonderful tools that Second Wind Dreams has available to us.  I interviewed Rachel one of our sweet residents from Heartland Village.  When I asked her what she would love to do again she said that she would love to be able to take her best friend Virginia Kersey to lunch like they used to do.  I called Rachel's son Roy; told him all about the dream and he gave me Virginia's phone number.  I also called a wonderfully quaint Tea Room; Paris is a Tea Cup and explained the dream to the owner.  She was gracious enough to give us two complimentary lunches.  I told Rachel that we had a surprise for her.  On the way to the restaurant we picked up Virginia at her home.  Well, Rachel was tickled pink when she saw Virginia and said, "I've known her since she was knee high to a duck".  "We've known each other for 65 years and I'll be her friend forever".  "She's my favorite person on earth".  They even sweetly argued as to who was the oldest and Rachel told Virginia, "Your gonna have to straighten up".  What an awesome dream come true!




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  • Jonesboro, GA