Rachel Ovadia from Jacksonville, FL
For the love of Bingo

Rachel Ovadia

Rachel is a sweetheart! It is not easy for her to get out of the building but she is the happiest little resident ever. The one thing we know is that if she is not a Bingo then she is sick.... She has loved playing Bingo all her life and in honor of her passion we will have a special Family Bingo night and dinner for her.  She will be crowned queen for the day...The Activities Room will be decorated for her and her family. The family also has musical talent and will be performing as well. The dinner menu for her and her quests will include her favorite fish dinner with all the trimmings. We will also have special Bingo prizes for her event.




Rachel wanted a dream with 2 requests… Bingo, Bingo, and more Bingo!. The second request was a whole fish….and I mean a whole fish eyes and all!. Rachel was born in Egypt and as a child she remembers meals consisting of whole fish. So we searched Jacksonville and met a wonderful man by the name of Eddy who owns the Mediterrania Restaurant in town. Eddy got a perfect fish just for Rachel! What an event with her family and all of her friends here at Elmcroft. Great day and fun for all!


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  • Jacksonville, FL