Ray Cooper from La Mesa, CA
The Heat Is On

Ray Cooper

Who says you can’t dream big when you get older? At ninety years old, Ray Cooper had a dream of going back to Fire Station 4 to see his old stomping grounds. Ray worked for the San Diego Fire Department for 27 years. He retired as a Captain. Today, Ray got to see his dream become a reality. We brought Ray to Station 4 in San Diego where we met up with some amazing fire fighters. The gentleman took Ray on a tour, showed him all the new technology used today, and took him for a ride on the firetruck around the city. The sleeping quarters were upstairs, just as Ray remembered. Ray walked up every step (no elevator) and enjoyed seeing how each man had his own room, no longer having all the beds in one room as they did in his time. Before we left Station 4, Ray wanted to do something one more time…. He wanted to ride the pole back down to the ground level, and he did so like a champ! They sent Ray of with a Station 4 T-shirt and a handshake requesting that he come back any time and have dinner with them.


We then went to Station 1, “The Big House”, where Ray had the opportunity to meet many of the men on the Bomb Squad. They served us up a nice lunch and reminisced about firefighting then and now. During lunch, we had the opportunity to see how the firefighters spend their downtime. It’s all about Cribbage. They played a game for us so we could see the Firefighter’s way to play.


As we left to head home, Ray had a smile that went on for miles. He talked all the way home about what a great day it was, and how he’ll never forget it. This was truly a successful Second Wind Dream.




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