Ray Larisey from Millen, Georgia
Taking flight!

Mr. Ray grew up very poor with two brothers and his mom and dad.  He grew up in a strong Christian family and they went to the church every Sunday.  They would cut wood to give to the church because they didn’t have money to give. Often they didn’t have enough food and would work for scraps from neighbors.  His mother was sick a lot and he was usually the one to take care of her. 

When Ray became an adult he worked on a Dairy farm and raised his niece and nephew.  He worked hard to make sure they had food and clothing and so they could have a better life than he did.  His niece and nephew are very much involved in his life and think of him as their father.   

Ray developed a medical problem that was life threatening but rather than taking care of himself and getting the medication he needed he still continued to give everything he had to his niece and nephew.  Being in the nursing home he has his needs met medically and socially but he still gives anything extra he has to them.  Nothing is more important to Ray than his faith and family.   

Ray described a time when he would watch crop dusters fly overhead as he worked and he would dream that maybe someday he would be able to experience it.  But he slowly gave up on that dream.

Our team was thrilled to surprise Ray and bring his dream to fruition as he had a chance to fly a plane! Ray had the best day ever and loved how beautiful the view was. He is not used to receiving  things from others and felt so blessed to be given this incredible gift!



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  • Millen, Georgia