Residents of Willow Falls from Crest Hill, IL
A Trip to Wrigley Field!

What makes Chicago Cubs Fans so loyal?  Is it the love of a good ole baseball game, seeing the ivy in the bleachers, or the history within the confines of the infamous Wrigley Field like, Babe Ruth’s “called shot” home run, or Harry Carrey, singing “Take me out to the Ball game”.  To get the best answer, ask the Willow Falls’ Senior Living Facility’s most loyal Cubs Fans. These residents have been rooting for their beloved Cubby Bears for years.  These residents share a camaraderie, they live and breathe the Cubs and no game goes unwatched.   “I was up until 1:00 in the morning, watching the game last night.” Alma states.  Alma may not look it, but she is well over the age of 70.  She along with Catherine Dorothy, and many other die hard cubs fans at Willow Falls, stay up, no matter how late, adorned in their Cubs hats, shirts and Pins, to watch their beloved Cubs.  

Their dreams came true on Sept 4th, 2013, thanks to generous donations from the Cubs, and other generous donations from SWD, Willow Falls Volunteers and families of the residents.  The residents were able to experience Wrigley Field and a Win for the Cubs.  






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