Monroe from Roswell, GA
Restore His Beloved Army Cap


Monroe joined the US Army in 1941, serving in both the North Africa campaign and Anzio, Italy.  He will tell you that due to his small size, he was the perfect fit to ride in armored tanks.  He served his country for four years in WW II.  His prized possession is his US Army tour cap.  He came to me when his emblems began to fall off.  I tried to fix his treasured hat but it was too worn.  

I called on my expert Dreamweaver, Dani Pierce, who immediately began the process of recreating this special hat. Dani did an outstanding job on the details and making sure it was exactly like the original. She also presented him with a WWII Honorable Service coin and an Old Ironsides lapel pin.

Monroe was overjoyed! He stated "I can't thank you enough.  This hat means the world to me.  I am going to put the old one away and proudly wear this new cap.  The coin and pin are priceless.   I will keep them both next to my heart."

Thank you, Monroe for your service. We appreciate the sacrifices you made so we can live in freedom. 



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  • Roswell, GA