John from Calhoun, Georgia

Mr. John Hesdorff is an 80 year old male who has been on service with  PruittHealth  Hospice since September 2016. Mr. Hesdorff has been cared for in his home by his loving and devoted wife, Kitty, and their supportive family with the assistance of PruittHealth Hospice- Calhoun.


It was Mr. Hesdorff's dream to be reunited with his daughter, Mary Ann Hesdorff, who resides in San Antonio, TX. They had not seen each other in five long years. Mr. Hesdorff's declining physical condition heightened the sense of urgency to get reconnected. Due to Mary Ann's health problems, she was unable to make the extensive drive to see her father. PruittHealth Hospice- Calhoun arranged for Mary Ann to be flown into Georgia on March 29, 2017.  Mary Ann was then driven by family to see her father in Adairsville.


With the family's permission, a  photographer from Cartersville Daily Tribune and a professional photographer from Brown Photography were on hand. Cartersville Daily Tribune willrun this as their Feature Story on April 2, 2017. Brown Photography will provide the family with an electronic version of the photo shoot as well as prints.


PruittHealth Hospice staff was also present to commemorate the reunion and the fulfillment of his dream. The family expressed profound  appreciation to the hospice staff for  working diligently  over the past month to bring father and daughter together, and for the opportunity for the memories that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.


Kitty was an RN with the PruittHealth Hospice- Rome office and commented that she had always enjoyed working on the Committed to Caring Projects. She told hospice staff that she was honored that John was the recipient of this year's C2C/Second Wind Dream project.


Mr Hesdorff was talkative, even saying how he had gotten dressed up for the occasion. Family remarked how much more animated and alert he was. He showed his great sense of humor  when he and his grandson shared a photo of him wearing his grandson's baseball mitt!   And when he insisted that his dog be sitting on his lap for several pictures!


One of the highlights of the evening was a family photo,with many family members present. This photo collection will serve as a lasting memory of this joyous occasion. PruittHealth Hospice staff partnered with Brown Photography to capture the much anticipated celebration.

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