Rhea from Hudson, OH
Going Back Home


Rhea has many memories of her hometown of Lakewood New York.  Her dream was to return there with her family and see the places that meant so much to her.  It was a long trip from Hudson, Ohio but Rhea was determined to revisit her hometown.  Mary from the SWD team accompanied by several of Rhea's family members made the journey to New York. Mary called ahead to Applebee's Restaurant and told them of Rhea's dream. They provided a complimentary meal for Rhea when the family stopped there for lunch. Though some of the buildings were no longer there, new ones were in their places and she still remembered exactly where things were.  She visited the sites of her first home, the church where she was married, her school house, and a home where she visited a friend and stayed with her was still there. She enjoyed seeing the beautiful lake again too. They even stopped to enjoy some ice cream along the way.  One of the most meaningful places to Rhea was the cemetery where her loved ones were buried.  The trip was a very special time for Rhea and her family and brought back so many memories.  Mary took photos to document their trip down memory lane and they will be presented to Rhea.  This trip meant so much to Rhea and her whole family, she is very happy to talk about the day and wrote a wonderful thank-you letter to express how much she enjoyed it.

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  • Hudson, OH