Ron from Wichita, KS
WWE Smackdown Dream


We have a gentleman that is a long term resident at our facility.  He is very active and involved in our small community at Reed's Cove. He doesn't really have any family or outside friends that visit him.  I recently found out that WWE is doing a taping of their Thursday night show SmackDown on June 7 here in Wichita, KS. He does not know this but I have been trying to find tickets for him to go. He has never been to a live sporting event of any sorts in his entire life.I was hoping that with a little bit of help he could finally be able to live out one of his dreams and have him at the event. We really appreciate all the help we can  get. It would mean so much for him to be able to do something like this at least once in his life.

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  • Wichita, KS