Ronnie from Roswell, GA
Atlanta Botanical Gardens Dream

One of Sue's residents wanted to go to the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

Ronnie’s Green Thumb

Dreamer: Ronnie

DOB: 4/9/21

Lifelong Dream: Tour of Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Dream Fulfilled: April 20, 2012

Dream Weaver: Sue Hamilton, HLD



Ronnie was born with the love of gardens.  She has never been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and wishes to experience the beauty of this tropical paradise. 

On April 20, 2012 her dream came true.  Ronnie toured the impressive Gardens in first class style.  She took her time to inhale the smells of the flowers.  “How can anyone NOT believe in God when you see what He has created for us!” exclaimed Ronnie as she touched the orchids in bloom.  Ronnie took pleasure in touching every flower and plant that she could.  At the end of the tour Ronnie was presented with a plant to take home with her. “I will treasure this for the rest of my life!” she said with a bright smile on her face. 


  • Location
  • Roswell, GA