Rose from Bethlehem, PA
Loving Connections=A Great Life


Rose started her day of pampering with a beautiful new outfit and a ring gifted to her by Nancy.  Then, she went to the beauty salon for a manicure and set.  Karen, of Mary Kay, applied makeup and Joan gifted a necklace and a bracelet.  The residents welcomed her to the coffee social where Harold serenaded her with Polka music.  Afterwards, she enjoyed a delicious lunch with her two sisters and niece of stuffed cabbage made by Fran and Bert along with the other fixings provided by Jean in Dining.  A dessert plate of homemade nut roll and kiffles were baked by Loretta.  Last, but not least, N. Cameron Chandler sang her a song to conclude her dream on a very dreamy note.  

  • Location
  • Bethlehem, PA