Rosemary Duncan from Arlington, TX
Rosemary's Passion

Rosemary Duncan

Rosemary is unique - and very, very busy!  She is constantly on the go - and loves, loves, loves being outside.  Her communication is really expressed through her sparkling eyes & laughter. 


Rosemary's family recalls how happy she was at home, always working in the garden.  She loves getting her hands in the dirt - and doing everything!


A raised bed, complete with cover, would be perfect for Rosemary.  She would raise veggies and herbs - constantly being able to "get her hands right in there!"


Randy Coles, Maintenance Director here at Elmcroft of Arlington has contacted our lawn service, Green Briar, who has agreed to furnish the potting soil & plants.  They will also install a watering line to the raised bed!  


  We still need funding for the raised bed itself - which will cost $371.96.  We have a Commitment from Allstar Home Health for $100.00. 

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  • Arlington, TX