Rosemary from Hudson, OH
Upper Michigan Adventure


Rosemary had a wish that she never dreamed would actually come true.  She longed to revisit Crystal Lake in Upper-Michigan where she and her family had spend 45 wonderful summers together at their family cottage.  She showed Mary from the SWD team exactly where it was on the map.  Mary Ford and Kathy Marged decided to make her dream come true by volunteering 3 days of their own time to drive Rosemary to her favorite summertime destination!  Rosemary came alive on the trip, pointing out things she remembered and told Mary and Kathy her favorite spots to visit and local restaurants that were nostalgic and meaningful to her.  Her son was able to meet up with them and visit also and treated the ladies to a wonderful meal out.  Though her summer home is under new ownership, they still got to visit  and see the house again.  They helped her walk on the beach, saw amazing sunsets, had fun visiting Rosemary's favorite place including the bookstore, a fun restaurant called the "Cherry Hut" and many other places on her list. She even ran  into a friend from the past. They also visited the beautiful "Sleeping Bear Dune". The hardest part of the trip was coming home, Rosemary had such a fantastic time, I think she would have loved to stay even longer and revisit even more!  She loves to talk about the trip and enjoyed seeing all of the pictures Mary took. Mary will give her the photos as a keepsake of her trip.  Rosemary returned from the trip so uplifted and she is walking taller and smiling more.  She said it was the best time of her life.

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  • Hudson, OH