Dottie from Las Vegas, NV
Gloves All Around

During a conversation with Dottie, our volunteer, John, discovered that the palms of Dottie's hands are in pain due to self propelling her wheelchair. Dottie explained that she would love a pair of gloves that had grippers on the palms and the fingers free so she could move about more comfortably. Dottie had actually seen the perfect pair of gloves, but felt they were too expensive and was unable to purchase them. John went to the store the same afternoon and bought 2 pairs of gloves like Dottie described. He then returned to Royal Springs and allowed Dottie to choose the pair she liked best. Dottie was so happy and extremely appreciative. What a difference these gloves will make in Dottie's daily life. Furthermore, John began talking to another resident sitting at a near by table who was also in a wheelchair. John offered the 2nd pair of gloves to Angel who was surprised and delighted. And then, there happened to be 2 other residents in the room in wheelchairs. John generously offered to return to the store to buy 2 more pairs of gloves. Dottie's one dream coming true turned into 4 dreams coming true!
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  • Las Vegas, NV