Ruth from Hudson, OH
Feathered Friends for Ruth

Ruth loves nature.  In the past she enjoyed gardens and being outside.  Now she lives in a room where the view from her window is a beautiful flower garden in the summer.  She loves to sit in her room and look out the window and spends a lot of time there. The SWD team thought since Ruth prefers to spend a lot of time in her room that a bird feeder would bring some feathered friends right to her window. We installed a shepherd's hook holding a cylindrical bird feeder where she could see it well from inside her room.  It was a surprise for her, and now when I ask her about her flying visitors, she can tell me what kind of birds she's seen that day.  It is a great way for her to get to be more connected with the outside, and will be especially nice to watch them in winter when the flowers aren't there to look at.  We are going to keep the feeder filled throughout the year so it can be an ongoing dream for Ruth.

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  • Hudson, OH