Ruth Jones from La Mesa, CA
House On A Hill (There's No Place Like Home)

Ruth Jones

Ruth Johnson has a marvelous view from her balcony. She  can see across the valley to the beautiful hills, homes and trees on the other side. One home in particular stands out for Ruth; The Big Yellow House that lights up in the afternoon as though it has a spotlight on it. She sees it every day and wonders where it is actually located. She wants to see it close up. Ruth has even gone out on drives with her friend to see if they can find it, only to be disappointed because they never could. It became a dream for her to find it. 

On Tuesday March 15th, Ruth's dream came true. We took Ruth out on a drive and brought her to see The Big Yellow House. The adventure didn't stop there. We knocked on the door and were greeted by Ben. He and his wife Judy then gave us the grand tour of the house, both inside and out. They shared with us the story of how the house was built and how old it was. In the end, Ruth got more than she ever expected and now, when she looks across the valley to that Big Yellow House, she will always know where it is and even wave to the people who live there.
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  • La Mesa, CA