Ruth from Hudson, OH
Memories of Home

Ruth has so many memories of her hometown of McConnelsville, Ohio.  Her dream would be to go back and visit, but at almost 99 years old, she didn't feel up to the 3 hour trip each way.  Mary from the SWD team spoke with her about her memories, and asked for her input about all the things she would want to see if she went back for a visit.  Ruth excitedly told Mary all about places that were important to her back home.  She also expressed how it would mean a lot for her to be able to place flowers on her husband's grave. With Ruth's help in planning, Mary decided to go herself to McConnelsville and visit Ruth's favorite places and take pictures of the trip.  She visited and photographed important places like Ruth's high-school, the home she grew up in and her church. Mary also brought roses to place on her husband's grave and photographed them so Ruth could share in the tribute to him.  After the trip, Mary made a photo album of Ruth's home town and spent time with her talking about the trip and listening to Ruth reminisce about the past.  It was a very creative way for Ruth to take part in revisiting her home town despite being a long distance away.  

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  • Hudson, OH