Sam o from Roswell, GA
Rosie the Riveter Performance

Sam o
Sam's wife passed away a few years ago.  He talks about how wonderful she was and how much he misses her.  She was a "Rosie the Riveter" helping at home before enlisting in the Army.  This is how they met- protecting our County in WWII. A surprise party is planned for Sam to cheer him up.  He and his wife loved the Andrew Sisters and I have found a trio who will perform all of his favorite songs.   Sam has been feeling blue lately due to some unexpected health issues.  He speaks often of his precious wife who was a “Rosey the Rivetor” prior to joining Sam in the Army.  His love for her is never ending and he longs to go back in time when they were together.   Today all of our folks came down to surprise Sam and show him how much he is loved by his friends and family. With a big “Surprise!” as he walked into the room he didn’t know what to make of the situation! When I informed him that he was the “Man  of the Hour” and  he just smiled and said, “I guess I’m stuck!”  We were honored to have Amber and Courtney from “The Reminiscents” perform in their “Rosey the Rivetor” outfits and sing a special selection of songs just for our man, Sam! Sam’s smiles are more precious than gold. For the first time in weeks we saw that wonderful smile and hear him sing.  Amber and Sam danced to a slow song. He couldn’t thank her enough.  He said “That is the first time that I have been in the arms of a woman since my beautiful wife died”.  For that moment we all were with Sam and his beloved wife once again.  I am so blessed to have Sam in my life. He is an American Hero, father, husband and a true gentleman.  Thank you to Amber & Courtney for making this such an awesome experience for Sam and Elmcroft!    Sue HamiltonHealthy Lifestyles Director     Elmcroft of Roswell400 Marietta HwyRoswell, GA 30075           (770) 650-0555(770) 650-1712 (Fax)      
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