Joe from Youngstown, OH
A Navy Pilot's Dream

Joe is 87 years old, but still has vivid and fond memories of being a United States Navy Flight Instructor, even though his last flight took place in 1947. In fact, Joe still has his flight gear, goggles, and log book, but unfortunately has lost his pilot wings. When talking about his years of service, Joe said, "Just talking about flying again puts a smile on my face and reminds me of the good old days in the Navy. Being up in the air is very quiet and peaceful to me, the only thing you hear is the engine of the plane, and if you didn't hear that, you knew you were in trouble." Joe's wish is to get back in the air for one more flight. Thanks to the Air Force Reserve 910th Airlift Wing Base in Vienna Ohio Joe was able to have lunch with local active military men and took a tour of their C-130 Aircraft. Even though he was unable to get back in the air he still had the time of his life. He was surprised with a certificate of honor for his service. In addition, he was also given a set of pilot's wings that he had lost. It was quite a moment for all in attendance.
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  • Youngstown, OH