Judy from Niles, OH
Beauty on the Inside and Outside


On Wednesday, February 6, Judy Bittner finally understood what it is like to be pampered for a day. Thanks to the instructors and students at Raphael's School of Beauty Culture, Judy had one of the greatest days of her life, and touched them just as much as they touched her. Judy was surprised at breakfast with the news that her dream of going to a spa was coming true. After the shock wore off, she was ready to go and on the bus we all went. Looking back, Judy started putting the pieces together, such as therapy focusing on transfers without the use of a lift, and the fact that her daughter, Pam, brought her in a coat earlier this week. Accompanying Judy was her therapist, Alison Kulnis, COTA, who had been working so hard for weeks with Judy to make this day happen, unbeknownst to her. With Alison's help, Judy was able to get out of her wheelchair at Raphael's, while their beauty team went to work. It was a very proud moment for everyone who knew just how far Judy has come in the few months she has been at Shepherd of the Valley. Brandy, a student at Raphael's, washed and styled Judy's hair, giving her a new look that took 20 years off! She also gave Judy a beautiful manicure with the glittery blue nail polish Judy selected that was then given to her to take home. Bridgette was up next with a makeup application. Once Judy took a look at herself she said, "They aren't going to let me back in at Shepherd of the Valley  - I am too beautiful!"

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  • Niles, OH