Betty from Niles, OH
Betty's Win It BIG Dream


Betty resides in our nursing community and is a long time fan of the slot machines. though her husband never gambled, he took her anywhere she wanted to go. She stuck to the penny machines but had dreams of being a "high roller" and moving to the dollar slots. she wants to take $100.00 and bet $3.00 each spin because that is something she was not able to do in the past.

We would like to take Betty and her daughter to Mountaineer Casino in West Virginia for a day of fun and most importantly, dream making. We have taken care of her spending money for the day but want to make this dream even more special by having her travel by limo to the casino for the day, have dinner in their signature steakhouse and receive a spa treatment to relieve her hands of all the button pushing she will do at the slot machines.

Betty is very special to us and the perfect candidate for such an exciting opportunity, as she just lost her husband of 67 years in November.

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  • Niles, OH