Mary from Niles, OH
Mary's Gone Fishing

Mary Ferro is currently a resident in our nursing community, and quickly made friends with everyone she met and has turned into quite the social butterfly! You will find her catching some rays on our front lawn with a group of people, shouting out Bingo numbers in our activity room or waiting to load the bus to go on an outing. The happiest we have seen her though was when she retold the stories of her fishing trips with her son, Dominic. Dominic and his wife, Shirley, live in Mississippi and loved to take Mom out in the Gulf of Mexico for deep sea fishing excursions. Shirley would pack a picnic, they would bait their hooks with fish or shrimp heads, and relax until they’d get a bite from an unassuming fish swimming by. She said this was the most peaceful place and she had no worries while she was on the back of that boat. We would love to be able to get Mary back on the water at a more convenient lake for an afternoon of fishing, drinking iced tea and relaxing.
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  • Niles, OH