Group from Stockbridge, Georgia
An Atlanta Experience


We initially began talking to the residents about what they would like us to do for this years Committed to Caring Project.  It took quite a while for them to decide on a project.  One day while sitting at lunch Shelia Owens and her table mates came up with the idea for going to the Georgia Aquarium.  In discussing it with several residents we discovered that many of the residents had never been to an aquarium or it had been many years since they had been to one.  So, that was our starting point.  Volunteers talked to the residents about why they wanted to go to the aquarium and what they hoped to see so that we could post it to the Second Wind Dreams website. 

Some of the things the residents said were:

Mrs. Atwood went to the Georgia aquarium years ago and is looking forward to seeing all the fish.  She fondly remembers going thru the tunnel.” It was so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back.  I didn’t think I would ever have the chance to do something like that again. We had so much fun the day we went. I can’t wait!  Thank you so much.” 

Mrs. Alice Coursey went to the Georgia Aquarium many years ago with her family and loved it. “It was so beautiful.   My favorite was the big tank with the whale sharks.  They were so peaceful to watch and so big!  I didn’t know anything got that big.”  She is looking forward to going again to see what has changed.  “There was so much to see the last time we went”.  She never got to see the dolphin show and would like to see that very much.

Mrs. Blanche Pecce has never been to an aquarium and would very much like to go.  She wants to see the sharks, dolphins, fish and otters.   “This is something I have never gotten to do. Who knew I get to do this now. I can’t wait to see what is there it will be so much fun.”

Ms. Shirley Ransom says it has been over 20 years since she went to the aquariums in Florida and Tennessee.  She really enjoyed visiting those aquariums and would like to compare the Georgia Aquarium to the others. “It has been so long since I was able to do anything like this”  She would very much like to see the penguins. “I got sick before I got the chance to go to the Georgia Aquarium and certainly was not expecting to get to do this now.  I can’t wait.”

Mrs. Fernande Colin says, “I have never been to an aquarium before and don’t know what to expect.”  “When you have the chance to do something new you have to take it”.  She is very excited about going to the Georgia Aquarium.  She wants to see all the fish and is very curious about what else is there. She might even pick up some jewelry  from the gift shop to remember the trip by.

Mrs. Geraldine Summer has never been to an aquarium.  She has heard about the tunnel with all the fish and that is what she is looking forward to most. “I didn’t think I would get the chance to go an aquarium at age 94”  “I will be interested to see how they take care of all the animals.  I have seen on the tv sometimes them feeding the sharks and things but never close up.” So, she is really looking forward to going behind the scenes. 

Mrs. Shelia Owens has been to the Tennessee Aquarium years ago but has never been to the Georgia Aquarium although she has wanted to go for a very long time but never got the chance.  She is looking forward to seeing the turtles, especially Tank the sea turtle. “This really is a dream come true.  I wanted to go for so long but never could.”  “Now I’ll have something to tell my grandkids about.”  Mrs. Owens and her table mates were the residents who initially came up with the idea to go to the Georgia aquarium.

Mr. Jackie  Jones has never been to the Georgia Aquarium.  He would like to see the dolphins and the sharks.  “My nephew and his family have been to the aquarium and they really enjoyed it.  I am so happy the I can go now.  Thank you so much.  They have been so nice to do this for us!”  He is the only gentleman going and said,”The ladies need an escort to go with them don’t they.” . 

Mrs. Martha Wilkerson is up for anything. When learning about going to the Georgia Aquarium She said, “That is wonderful.  I’ve never been to anything like that before.”  She is most excited about seeing the dolphins, “They are amazing to watch on tv, I can’t wait to see them up close.”  “I wasn’t expecting to get the chance to do anything like this now.” 

Mrs. Clarine Stallings had never been to an aquarium either and is very excited about going saying, “This will be fantastic.  “I can’t wait to see all of the fish.” 

We also began to contact other Pruitt facilities to borrow their vans to provide transportation for the residents to the aquarium.  We want to thank our sister facilities in Griffin and Fairburn for the provision of their vans for this event.

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