Shirley Staton from Hendersonville, TN
Going Home

Shirley Staton

Shirley Staton, an 89 year old resident at Elmcroft of Hendersonville, has had one thing on her mind, and that is to see her home that her husband had built for her 30+ years ago.  They had raised their son in this house, and they had many fond memories.  Shirley was not able to give us an address, but after a few days of prodding, she could give us the name of the elementary school where her son had attended, and that she lived on that road in a 2 story house.  So with that little information, we loaded Shirley in our van and drove her to a neighboring city about 45 minutes away.  Shirley had not been out of our building in years, so this was quite the experience for her.  We made it to the school, and drove up and down the road until finally we found a house that fit her description.  She gave a big smile and said, "Yes, this is it!"  We parked in front of the house for a few minutes while she told us a little about the house, and how the new residents had changed it.  She was so happy seeing her "dream" home again, and couldn't have thanked us more!  It made our day to see the look of peace and happiness on her face. 

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  • Hendersonville, TN