Shirley Staton from Hendersonville, TN
Sharing her happiness with the Girls!

When Shirley Staton from Elmcroft of Hendersonville was asked, " What is one thing that you would really like to do?", she answered that she would like to see the movie, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, again.  It was her favorite movie, and she wanted to make it special by inviting all the ladies in our building to her "Girl's Party" on August 22.  She sent out invitations and made up her menu.  We had cookies, cupcakes, chip and dip, and pink lemonade.  We served the lemonade in wine glasses, and all the ladies got the giggles saying that it looked like they were drinking pink champagne!  Most of the lady residents came, and even the staff stopped by to enjoy her party.  She had a wonderful afternoon with her lady friends, and smiled all the way back to her room.  It was a wonderful afternoon for her, considering she rarely gets out of her room.

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  • Hendersonville, TN