James Cox from Salisbury, North Carolina
Sky's The Limit

James Cox

Our Committed 2 Caring Committee started asking our residents if they could relive one dream what would it be?

Mr. Cox's dream was to get in a plane again, and fly one last time. He was admitted to our facility on September 2005, and served in the US Army as a mechanic for the airplanes.

Every day, Mr. Cox enjoys looking up into what he calls "a Carolina blue sky" as he smokes his cigarettes. Whether it's a 747, or a private jet, if he hears it, he will seek it out and find it in the sky. It's obvious his passion is flying.

It was a unanimous decision from our committee we wanted to get Mr. Cox up in the air again.

So after all the red tape, and necessary arrangements, Mr. Cox was convinced to go on the activity bus to "look at some planes". It took everything for all of us to keep quiet!

When we arrived at the Rowan County Airport, Mr. Cox immediately felt at home as he looked around at the airplanes parked in the hangers. We started plotting his big suprise moment with the airport employees.

Gary Moore, Mr. Cox's flight instructor, introduced himself to Mr. Cox as his "tour guide" for the afternoon. Mr. Moore opened up the door to the Cesna aircraft, and asked Mr. Cox if he had ever seen the inside of one of these before. Mr. Cox's eyes lit up with excitement, and hastily started to climb into the cockpit. So the guys were talking in Greek at this point, and at that moment, Mr. Moore said, "James, how would you like to take this thing for a spin?" Mr. Cox reluctantly paused for a second, to actually process what he was just asked. He smiled, but in return asked, "What kind of spin?!" Mr. Moore asked him if he would like to fly again, and Mr. Cox laughed and said, "Absolutely, let's go!".

The next hour was memories racing through Mr. Cox's mind as they ascended from the air strip into the Carolina blue skies! He saw the top of Greensboro Airport, Thomasville, NC, and all of High Rock Lake. Mr. Cox was grinning ear-to-ear the entire time, Gary Moore said. He added that Mr. Cox instinctively began checking fuel, throttle, and other gauges during the trip.

When he returned, he thought it was over. We had a small surprise reception in the pilot's conference room. While the food was being served, Dusty, who works as a grounds crew member, gave Mr. Cox a model airplane that he used to work on. Mr. Cox thanked him as he began to explain to us the history behind the Mohawk Airplane.

Our Committee's President, Stephon Peoples presented Mr. Cox with one last suprise. "Mr. Cox, we wanted to fulfill your dream by giving you not only the memories that were made today, but something you can hold onto and cherish for the rest of your life. This gift also shows how much we appreciate you, and what you did for our country." Mr. Cox opened up his present, and the look on his face was priceless as he saw his new Army green flight jacket. Mr. Cox swallowed hard holding back his tears shaking his head humbly. Mr. Gary Moore asked James, "Mr. Cox, did you ever think you were going to fly again, sir?" He lifted up his head, looking at all of us, and said, "No, I can't believe it. I would've never thought I would fly again."

With that being said, the committee members instantaneously knew all of this red tape, set backs, and hard work was all worth it. Everything that went wrong before, finally worked out in the end. We finally saw an unreachable dream become a reality, for that we are committed to caring!

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  • Salisbury, North Carolina