Stanley McMillen Elliott from Albuquerque, NM
What Happened to the Honey Man!

Stanley McMillen Elliott

Stanley Elliott was asked where he would like to go again Stanley stated "Home",  He was asked where home was and he stated " Lovington New Mexico".  When checking into this, his home was only 5 hours away. We contacted his family who gave us names of places he would enjoy seeing again. We met up with Gene and Jo Ann Murphy who have known Stanley and his wife Elva since 1969 when Elva babysat their young children. Stanley and his brother were beekeepers and Stanley would go and collect the honey from Marfa Texas area and bring it back to Lovington. He was very proud of his honey and so were the whole town. Gene had mentioned that everyone in town would come out to the park and buy the great tasting honey from Stanley. He became known as the honey Man. He also worked for the United stated Postal Service as a Mail Carrier when it was completed on foot. Before leaving Lovington we stopped in at the Ranch House Restaurant to have lunch and the waitress (Leticia Sanvicente) recognized him right away and began to talk to him as if not a day had passed. When asked Leticia stated that she had known Stanley as the "Honey Man" and that her and another Lovington Resident were just asking last week "What ever happened to the "Honey Man" and here he is in the Café. She also stated that when involved in the church Stanley would be the first to lend a helping hand, dollar, or vehicle. "He was the I will Guy" when something needed to be done around that church.    

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  • Albuquerque, NM