Steve from Joliet, IL
Fishing Trip

The dreamer, Steve, would talk with the maintenance man Steve. Steve who is an avid fisherman and hunter relayed the information to the Activity Department that Steve wanted to go fishing. After talking with Steve, it was decided that a local Forest Preserve would be an ideal fishing location. Another resident was asked to accompany Steve for the day of fishing. Once we reached the pier, we realized we had the wrong bait. Luckily fishermen have a bond of cooperation. A gentleman who was fishing with his son and another friend stepped forward and set the poles with the correct bait. They invited the two fishermen to use their bait, and when they left they gave us their remaining bait. As fisherman do, talk about which bait works better was being bantered about. Another fisherman said to try his minnows and see if they work better. So we enjoyed the banter and camaraderie of fishermen out doing their thing. Upon leaving a group of kids arrived to fish, so we gave them our left our bait with high hopes they catch a big one.
  • Location
  • Joliet, IL