Susan from Ocilla, Georgia
Is This For Me?


When asked about a dream, Susan expressed that she would love to go shopping for herself.  Many might think a shopping trip is not a very big dream, but for Susan it was.  Early in her childhood, she lost both parents to a home fire.  She was raised by her uncle and his family.  Susan was declared legally blind due to circumstances during her childhood and intellectual disability resulting from minimal education.  She was able to have eye surgery and has gained most of her sight.  So a shopping trip with all the trimmings was a once in a lifetime experience for Susan.  When a limo arrived to begin Susan's dream shopping day, she asked, "Is this for me?"  She was pampered with a make-over and loved the shopping.  Susan was so excited about the experience.  The entire day, she kept asking, "Is this for me?"  She simply couldn't believe that her dream was coming true!

  • Location
  • Ocilla, Georgia