Syd Shelley from Birmingham, AL
War Eagle

Syd Shelley

Mr. Shelley has been a resident in our facility a little over  a year.  He moved here from Florida, so he could be closer to his daughter and son-in-law.  Mr. Shelley worked as an electrical engineer for the Air Force in a civilian capacity.  Syd received his engineering degree from Auburn University here in Alabama.  I think that most of the country knows that college football is a big deal in the South, especially in the State of Alabama.  Mr. Shelley and his family are huge fans of his Alma Mater, and their athletics.  Auburn University has a Raptor Center, where they educate students and the community about these large birds. One of the types of birds that they have is a Golden Eagle, which is one of the team's mascot.  The Golden Eagle attends their home games and is a beautiful site on the field.  One of the services that the Raptor Center provides, is an educational program that they take on the road.  They have 7 raptors that they bring and tell the audience about, and one of these is one of their great Golden Eagles (I think they have 2).  We would love to have the Raptor Center Come to our facility for Mr. Shelley and his family.  We would use this opportunity to educate our residents and community.  This is a rather expensive program, and we would love to do this for him.  He is  reserved and quiet, but we are pretty sure this will give him something to smile about.

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  • Birmingham, AL