Terry Zumwalde from Jacksonville, FL
"Good Witch"

Terry's 2nd Wind Dream will be on October 31st...Her birthday!  In her family this has always been a special day.  Throughout her life she was the "Good Witch" and we are bringing that day back for her to celebrate with the residents, her family, and the neighborhood.  First, we will take her out this week for a proper costume to be ready for her day.  The family will be here to enjoy a ghostly meal together (I will prepare her favorite Spagetti).  Following that Terry will be the guest of honor for our entertaiment in the afternoon.  Does not stop there.  She then will host the Halloween Games and then conclude her evening with Trick or Tricking on the front porch with all the neighborhood children.  The family is so excited about this dream.  They say it will bring back memories for mom and them too.  You should hear Terry...she is the best sounding witch I have ever heard!!!!

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  • Jacksonville, FL